28th June 2019

Exciting times here at Berwyn Slate as we are having new machinery being installed at the moment, these include a new Sasso K600 cnc saw, a Laiti automatic cross cutter, and two used GMM axia saws and a second BM Panda gang saw.

The Sasso will help keep up with current high demand for production of slate hearths and slate worktops, while the Laiti cross cutter will automate production of slate floor tiles, cladding and slate paving . One of the GMM’s with a 1200mm blade will be used for squaring slate blocks ready for primary sawing and the other will be used to calibrate large slabs automatically. The Panda saws are quite rare to find these days.. we have two!. These saws are great for us as they cut the slate blocks into slabs for tiles and paving and only have 5mm thick blades, so the waste is reduced considerably.

We are proud to be one of only a few working slate quarries left in the UK and very excited about the future.. 2019 has been our busiest yet!

We look forward to working with you!