Lithofin ASR Pro

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Lithofin ASR Pro

Extra strong remover

A special cleaner from the LITHOFIN-line of
professional use products. Lithofin ASR is a strongly
alkaline heavy duty cleaner, which is formulated on
the basis of highly active, biologically degradable
cleaning components and solubilisers. The product is
free of solvents, and it does not develop any
unpleasant or harmful vapours.

Lithofin ASR dissolves and removes most stubborn
engrained dirt as well as grease and oil, wax, paint,
soot, care product encrustations, burnt-in grease,
polymer films, etc.
Technical Data:
Density: ca.1.2 g/cm³
pH-Value: 14 (concentrate)
Appearance: liquid, yellowish, clear
Odour: non-specific
Solubility in water: complete
Field of Use
For intensively cleaning and de-greasing ceramics
and porcelain, brick, natural and concrete stone.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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